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May Summary – Renaissance Rules

Thank you for visiting RenaissanceRules during its inaugural month (well, two weeks!)!  The last two weeks of May 2010 have been busy at Renaissance Rules, starting up the site and posting a number of “baseline” articles as well as a few Resources, … Continue reading

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Roberts Rules Brief Summary – Tools

Robert’s Rules of Order do not seem “Renaissance”-like to you?  Perhaps you will be more willing to participate in community work, and therefore have the opportunity to advance positive, constructive changes for your community, if you are more familiar with … Continue reading

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Urban Open Space in the Post-Industrial American City

by Randy  D. Bosch                                                                                                                               Most of the “best” urban open spaces are public domain, whether piazza, square, quay, beach, park or garden.  Usually they were designed with one or more “public” (ruling party) or “patron” designed buildings … Continue reading

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Trusted Advisors

We all need “Trusted Advisors”, people who will tell us when we are “on course” or “off course” on a grand scale or in little things in a constructive manner, without malice or self-serving intent. I read Stephen Hess’s “Organizing … Continue reading

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Difficult People

“Difficult People”.  We will always have them around us, actively working as snipers, saboteurs, nay-sayers, guilt-spreaders — name your (least) favorite term for those who simply want you to fail, to pull you down to their level. One metaphor I currently … Continue reading

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Crucible of Leadership

Mark Sanborn has an excellent “reminder” post on his blog today, “The Crucible of Leadership” at  Study and prepare for crisis management before being put to the test.  It isn’t “on the job training”! His post is short, and … Continue reading

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Feedback: Past as Future?

Wallace Stegner’s 1979 novel “Recapitulation” (Penguin, 1997 paperback edition) is an extremely introspective story about an extremely successful man who visited his childhood home and gained understanding of how his life had been shaped by events “seemingly remote and inconsequential”.  Certainly the … Continue reading

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GIS Route Finder for Life?

A GIS route finder for your life?  Dream on!  The is no automated, synthesized voice GIS route finder to help in the best course or to stay on it if it was found.  Turning off “thinking” and cruising through life on autopilot … Continue reading

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Change Model #001

Changing situations with intimidating difficulties occur at various stages of personal, community and business life.  Having a basic process for successful change in place, ready to be customized to address changing situations in life, community and business, is critical.   From time to time, … Continue reading

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Renaissance: “PASSIONS” or “passions”?

A basic “must have” is a life filled with Real PASSION!!  Capital P-A-S-S-I-O-N, a combination and integration of “lower case” passions based upon excellent values, great relationships, courageous vision, lived in correct balance.  A Life well lived. Lest one falls into a … Continue reading

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