Renaissance: “PASSIONS” or “passions”?

A basic “must have” is a life filled with Real PASSION!!  Capital P-A-S-S-I-O-N, a combination and integration of “lower case” passions based upon excellent values, great relationships, courageous vision, lived in correct balance.  A Life well lived.

Lest one falls into a self-defeating abyss along the way, Tom Peter’s warning that PASSIONS!!! are #1 (NOT “Projects”) is worth revisiting. 

Probably NOT a Balanced Passion (c)2008 Randy D. Bosch

Take some time to look at Tom’s book “A Passion for Excellence – the Leadership Difference”, co-authored with Nancy Austin (Grand Central Publishing, 1989), which has great value in helping comprehend “Passion”.  Tom has also authored many posts on the subject and has free resources to support it, at that you may find useful.

Living a Renaissance life is all about ethical, integrated, correctly weighted and balanced, good PASSIONS!!!”  What we often think of as our Passions can best be viewed as branches flowing into the one mainstream Passion of Life.

Milestones in the process for enabling a Renaissance life include those necessary to identify, access and move ahead with comprehending and balancing the different roles one perceives they are living in life.  They must be inextricably related, not lived as scenes from separate melodramas, to have true success in any of them, to have a genuine “life”.  Real Goals beget Projects facilitated by nurtured Resources.  And those Goals need to be BHAG‘s, “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”, defined by Jerry Porras and James Collins in “Built to Last” (Collins Business, 2002), with each the embodiment of Tom Peter’s “WOW!” Goals>Projects>Resources (Tom Peters, “The Pursuit of WOW!”, Vintage, 1994).

Whether your chief “passions” can be grouped as Family, Vocation, Community, Self, or others (pause here to think about your values…), they are all the streams feeding that river of ongoing life.  Caution: If you have more than four major branches, you may not have properly related your values and passions to one another, and may still have “projects” misrepresented as goals!  Do a self-audit, ask your family and peers, and look in the mirror – then sort it out!  “Sorting out” is not an easy task.  

The best guide is to ponder how or if the attributes of “Living a Renaissance Life” can truthfully be applied to who you are, what you do, your relationships, goals, and “passions”.  Are they “Things that are True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, of Good Report, Virtuous, Praiseworthy“?  Don’t just think about it, try it out.  Then, work on “correcting error and returning to a rightful course”.  After all,  

“Action! is the new competence”.


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