GIS Route Finder for Life?

A GIS route finder for your life?  Dream on!  The is no automated, synthesized voice GIS route finder to help in the best course or to stay on it if it was found.  Turning off “thinking” and cruising through life on autopilot is pretty common, though.  An autopilot life is one of the causes of a bumpier, more crisis-filled journey through life than is necessary.  The traveler to a Renaissance life has a tough personal journey ahead anyway, but one infinitely more rewarding than just blindly following someone else’s direction.

"What Got You Here..." (c)2005 Randy D. Bosch

The opportunity to live a Renaissance life is unleashed only when one is certain of and back on (or on for the first time) a recognized “best route”, reached by knowing oneself, comprehending how one got to where they are now, identifying and correcting errors along the path, then following through to define, plan and life and personal, family or organizational “return” (reclaim, renew, revitalize, redirect) to a rightful course, a “best route”.

That Renaissance path developes forward from Reformation, as a reclamation of lost values and competencies, including shedding of things that cause hurt to oneself and to others (including community).  That reclamation, and picking new values and relationships based skills and competencies along the way, facilitates “Course Correction”.

So, turn off the autopilot, stop looking for the “GIS for living” and get back to finding and reclaiming the best that can be achieved.

The prerequisite for successful Reformation is Recapitulation, a process of recognition and reconciliation of self and cultural history with the present condition, then renewal – the transitional first step into Reformation.  Renewal sheds the dross and celebrates the past as appropriate, and shapes up for the life ahead!


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