“Hot and Now” Renaissance

Recapitulation -> Reformation ->Renaissance needs to be understood as continuous, ongoing, never-ending process.  As work progresses and time passes, new material is generated for the “feedback loop” into continuing Recapitulation, informing maintenance of Reformation and allowing endless forward progress toward carefully selected goals of Renaissance activity that integrates critical review and reforms along the way.

Hot Sun on Cool Water  (c)2007 Randy D. Bosch

Hot Sun on Cool Water (c)2007 Randy D. Bosch

Work with a renewed Hot and Now! definition of Renaissance:

RENAISSANCE: A bold and positive “moving ahead” on a vital, rightful course!

We can identify and transition onto that “rightful course” through a several step process:

Recapitulation -> Reformation -> RENAISSANCE (Action!!!)


Recognition of and Reconciliation with foundational truths, a clear-eyed view of history, and a deep comprehension of current status in order to determine the best, the correct, or the “rightful” way forward for constructive activity and results.


Rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course through reclamation, revitalization and redirection, while reaffirming any and all parts of the foundation, path, standards and work that are not in error.


A bold and positive “moving ahead” on the vital “rightful course”, resolute, committed action to achieve, maintain and live it – resolving issues, planning, resource equipping, committing and acting with resilience and sustainability.

Feedback Loop: 

Continually identify previously overlooked past basics, actions, works, paths and work them through the Reformation process into ongoing Renaissance action.  Continually review and course-correct or reaffirm the process itself as well as the full-scope Reformation movement.  Continually infuse Renaissance actions with “quality control” reviews to assure the best possible continuation of its basic tenets, best use of resources, best outcomes through experimentation, testing, modeling, and celebration of the iterative process that leads to innovation.

Just a Reminder…that a commitment is required.  Start! Keep Going! Do It!                        

Action is the New Competence!


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