Consistent Quality

A Modest (and Easily Misunderstood) Goal

To have a CONSISTENT QUALITY of performance.

  1. Consistent standards for handling projects;
  2. A consistent approach (methodology) to leading (or following) the client/customer/constituent;
  3. Consistent patterns of quality review, including feedback;
  4. Clear responsibility for the last word.


Standardization of product is a critical issue for replication of prototypes in mass production, including of “parts”, components that must interface as precisely as necessary for an assembly to function at the required level (and consistency!) of performance.  Then, simplify and improve!

Standardization of design methodology is a critical issue.  The goal here is to have a normal, predictable, repeatable way of approaching and performing a task, an expertise, in order to get the organization and the method fully supportive of the creative process, rather than hindering it.

Standardization does NOT mean rote repetition even if obsolete, in error, or inferior.

Standardization DOES include ongoing testing and simplification of the guidelines, rules, resources and methodology needed to produce a specific product or service.  It also means consistent maintenance of the whole system and all of its components.

Standardization ALSO means including consistent improvement.


Consistent does NOT mean never improving.  

Consistent DOES mean to be always (consistently) improving.

Consistent means a steady and responsive hand on the tiller as the seas of creativity and competition rage around you OR becalm you.


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