Today was the 36th Anniversary of the date on which I proposed to my (now) bride – and she accepted!  That proposal was in a public place, with a high likelihood of remaining public and accessible to us during the remainder of our earthly tenure.

Since that day, on every June 30th I have re-proposed to my wife, and she has fortunately always re-accepted, and always at a beautiful, memorable place.  Many times, the re-enactment occurred at the original location.  When we were traveling or moved, other spots had to suffice – including the Berlin Wall the day after it came down, the Arch in St. Louis, the top of the Colorado State Capitol Dome, atop Rendezvous Mountain in the Tetons, and on and on!! 

Today’s remembrance occured at a nearby swan pond, a place of peace where swans are allowed to grow, mature, mate for life, and have their young without being disturbed by the vagaries of thoughtless people.  

Memorable!  Oh, and she accepted again (Even more Memorable)!

Remembrance of special events is important.  As a nation, we remember key dates – the good events are celebrated, the unfortunate events are solemnly commemorated, and a few are a paradoxical combination of both.  We will repeat our celebratory remembrance on June 30th for as long as we both shall live.

In the meanwhile, please take the time with your family, your loved ones, friends and community, to celebrate, commemorate, mourn – to remember what came before that shaped lives including your own.  It is part of Recapitulation, not to dwell on the past for the sake of remorse, angst or Ressentiment  but to re-learn from it to enrich the life ahead.

Take the time to recall key events (and key people), to learn and grow. 


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  1. Pam Walton says:

    Congratulations! So pleased for you that Sheila once again, said
    “yes”!! It is a very special thing to remain married and devoted
    to each other no matter what comes along in our lives….We will
    miss you, tonight but, understand….

    Love to you both,


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