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Working the Room

Have you ever felt like participation in on-line “Social Media” sites resembles consorting with “gladwrappers” working the room at a reception? The “wannabe” movers & shakers introduced to you (or you to them) and – maybe – engaging you in … Continue reading

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City Form: A Metaphor for Your Work

Often, fields other than our own can provide great insights and outstanding tools that, when properly understood and contextually modified for use,  can equip us with healthy innovative analysis and  implementation techniques that profit our own work and organizations. Renowned planner Kevin Lynch, … Continue reading

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Social Media Nomads

Any periodic glance at Twitter, Facebook or other “Social Media” site will spot a never-ending series of messages from social media advocates, prophets, gurus, teachers – you name it (actually – they name it), day after day, week after week, for years.  … Continue reading

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The Cinderella Theory

“If the shoe fits, wear it.” I recall first hearing this pithy aphorism spoken by Greg Otte in the 1980’s and referred to by him as the Cinderella Theory.  I am not referencing the 1989 George Clinton song of the same name (never … Continue reading

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Bach and Sons – Musical Interlude

Friday night, we attended the Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra Concert, “Bach and Sons”.  The musical program was assembled by guest conductor Reinhard Goebel and featured the very talented Paolo Bordignon playing the double harpsichord with an orchestra of about 46 additional … Continue reading

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File Drawer City

As we are encouraged to plan and execute our Escape From Cubicle Nation (The title of Pam Slim’s excellent, positive book and her blog at – take a look when you’re done here!) on the one hand, we are now being directed and prepared by … Continue reading

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Climate Change — City Planning Disconnect

At the same time as climate change leaders admonish that humankind cannot do enough to prevent a predicted massive change in the environment that will result in a significant rise in sea levels, let alone an increase in flooding, storm surge … Continue reading

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Words Have Meaning

Some say that I am only parsing words when I take issue with what they proclaim as the valuable post-modern learning concept of “the road to success lies in failure”, or “experiment to failure”, that by encouraging a more traditional, informative or positive … Continue reading

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Excavating Meaning

We attend the opening reception for Rocky Hawkins’ show “Lost at Last” at Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming ( on July 15th.  The show arrayed an outstanding representation of the broad range of genres that he paints, expertly designed and curated to prevent … Continue reading

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The Line Cannot be Erased

Judy Schroeder is an outstanding California artist and gallery owner.  Her recent post “Keeler Jumble” on her new blog Watercolor Musings (go to for a look at great art in watercolor and other media and great insights into the creative process) spoke of … Continue reading

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