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Prepare for the Unexpected

“Expect the unexpected or you won’t find it”  Heracletis. Roger von Oech ( has, among other thinkers, used that paradoxical aphorism coined by the ancient sage Heracletis to encourage us toward innovation, and perhaps also toward simple survival!  Nassem Nicholas Taleb (The Black … Continue reading

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Breaking Barriers

Your role as a leader – a leader of yourself, family, business, community – in navigating to a sustainable future requires that you break barriers, not build them or be controlled by the barriers that are liabilities. NOT: “We’ve never done it … Continue reading

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Memory Begins Where History Ends

Memory and history. This subject is about people, places, ideas and things.  I broached this subject in an earlier post about a recent conversation with the great American artist John Nieto (actually titled “Memory and History”, linked at on “RenaissanceRules”), and build upon … Continue reading

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Angle of Repose

“Angle of repose” is an engineering or geology term for “The maximum angle at which a pile of unconsolidated material can remain stable”, according to the on-line Geology Dictionary at Wallace Stegner won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1972 … Continue reading

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Fenced Out or Fenced In?

Picture the “good servant”, working within the given boundaries, doing well – to the limit – precisely to the boundary.  Others may define their own job, own goal or boundaries, regardless of their “employer” or “client”.  Still others stay well … Continue reading

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Stress vs. Distress

Systems require healthy stress to function well or at all, whether that stress is found in properly maintained pressure, tension or compression.  Yes, stress, and those systems include you and me. “Stress” is, unfortunately and incorrectly, used as a synonym for … Continue reading

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Honest Translation

Shanna Kunz, contemporary landscape painter, sees every painting as “an encounter with the land, the trees, and the waters that have always given me a sense of connection and order.”  She communicates emotional attachment with the landscapes she paints, with … Continue reading

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Pastures of Heaven

Artist Theodore Waddell’s show at Altamira Fine Arts, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, opened on August 18, 2010.  The exhibition was entitled Pastures of Heaven, inspired by a John Steinbeck novel and a William Shakespeare quote.  The opening night reception for Ted Waddell was inbued with … Continue reading

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Spaces Between

On his “Box of Crayons” blog ( post for May 10, 2010, Opening Up, Michael Bungay Stanier discussed part of how to “open up…and open up…and open up…”.  His post included advice to writers to write about what matters rather than what … Continue reading

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Music that Unites

Venice is famous for its many bridges.  One of its bridges is not well-known elsewhere, the use of music in La Serenissima to bring people together.  Through an on-line introduction to the Director by a friend of my wife from Oz (Australia), we … Continue reading

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