Pastures of Heaven

Artist Theodore Waddell’s show at Altamira Fine Arts, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, opened on August 18, 2010.  The exhibition was entitled Pastures of Heaven, inspired by a John Steinbeck novel and a William Shakespeare quote.  The opening night reception for Ted Waddell was inbued with a welcoming warmth and ambience that built a strong bond between the artist, his work, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Altamira staff, and those who came and enjoyed them all. 

Ted’s work is informed by 40 years of painting experience after formal training in New York, and more than 26 years of rural life, cattle ranching (and painting) in Montana.  He attributes inspiration to the paradoxically intense yet peaceful Western landscape, and to his study of the works of Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.  His work clearly shows that combination to be a powerful springboard and continuing  catalyst for his own very original style and vision.

Two aspects of Waddell’s contemporary work were on exhibit at the show,

  • Peaceful and sweeping landscapes enlived by buffalo, horses and cattle (usually Black Angus), painted with encaustics and oils, using a unique and evocative color pallet; and
  • Original illustrations of life and philosophy starring his four Bernese mountain dogs, used in his first children’s book, “Tucker Gets Tuckered”, in league with writer Ted Beckstead.

As is now anticipated with Altamira Fine Arts exhibitions ( after only their first year, the show is extremely well curated in every aspect.  We had the opportunity to converse with Ted Waddell at length, discussing art and life (are they not the same?), his inspirations and aspirations.  He is a delightful person and an outstanding original artist whose work truly evokes the contemporary environment of the great open spaces and intimate family life in Montana and Idaho with great skill and an absence of pretension.

If you have an opportunity to see his work at Altamira (through August 31st) or elsewhere, you will be rewarded by a sense of great peace and joy, thanks to Ted Waddell sharing his unique vision of,

The Pastures of Heaven

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