Prepare for the Unexpected

“Expect the unexpected or you won’t find it”  Heracletis.

Roger von Oech ( has, among other thinkers, used that paradoxical aphorism coined by the ancient sage Heracletis to encourage us toward innovation, and perhaps also toward simple survival! 

Expect the Unexpected  (c)2007 Randy D. Bosch

Expect the Unexpected (c)2007 Randy D. Bosch

Nassem Nicholas Taleb (The Black Swan and also speaks to “expecting the unexpected” when he speaks of his current quest, to avoid being “the turkey”, to avoid misleading ourselves with wrong assumptions, fallacies, hubris, simple (imperfect) impaired cultural and personal vision.

Artist Daily, the website of American Artist magazine, recently published an article “Learn to Paint the Unexpected”, showcasing the work of contemporary American painter Joseph Alleman.  The interviewer asked Alleman to describing his source of inspiration, of vision (the article is on-line at ).  Alleman’s work is on display at Astoria Fine Arts, Jackson, Wyoming and other representing galleries).  The article quotes Joseph Alleman as follows,

 “There are scenes or objects that I see, and I know there’s a painting there. But it takes a while to find the story. I watch and wait for that interesting mood or moment. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it never happens. But if you see something—act on that instinct. You may not know the whole story or how it will work out, but the moment is there and gone.”

What will you realize today that was unexpected – by you or someone else, by your society?  Will it be about nature, your work, a relationship, your faith, the community in which you live, or the places you frequent?  It is long past time to stop, actually listen, observe, and think about what lies within them.   

Are you prepared to look for, and actually see, something you do not expect to find? 

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