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A Big Wave with Cheese, Please

The title above is not requesting a really grand “glad to see you” greeting, although those are always welcome.  Rather, it welcomes the physical reality of a truly Renaissance subject (in America, at least), Hamburgers! We have all been constantly bombarded with “helpful” messages about how unhealthy … Continue reading


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The “Trader Joe’s” Run

The obsession with Trader Joe’s Markets is real.  Mention Trader Joe’s to someone far away from one who has shopped there, and you will see their countenance break into a warm, wistful smile of remembrance and longing!  Mention that you will … Continue reading

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The Quick Draw

The annual Quick Draw was held on the Town Square in Jackson, Wyoming, on the third Saturday in September.  No, this wasn’t the weekly “Shoot Out on the Square” re-enacting a make-believe fantasy of the Town’s rowdy Western past!  Instead, thirty-two … Continue reading

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Verde Valley Wineries

The Verde Valley in Central Arizona is the home of communities including Cottonwood, Clarksdale, Jerome, Cornville, Sedona, Page Springs, Camp Verde, and a few smaller ones.  It is the domain of the Verde River, flowing year-around, joined by Sycamore Creek, Oak Creek … Continue reading

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