The Quick Draw

The annual Quick Draw was held on the Town Square in Jackson, Wyoming, on the third Saturday in September.  No, this wasn’t the weekly “Shoot Out on the Square” re-enacting a make-believe fantasy of the Town’s rowdy Western past! 

JH ShootOut in the Square'10 (c)2010 Randy D. Bosch

JH ShootOut in the Square'10 (c)2010 Randy D. Bosch

Instead, thirty-two professional artists, each one sponsored by the local art gallery that represents them, had the opportunity to paint in public with crowds watching every stroke of the brush or scallop into the clay – and endure both praise and “you missed a spot” comments. 

The Quick Draw has been a tradition here through-out most if not all of the years of the annual Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival.

Velasquez $23k Bid FallArts'10 (c)2010 Randy D. Bosch

Velasquez $23k Bid FallArts'10 (c)2010 Randy D. Bosch

This year, Quick Draw artists were given 90 minutes (instead of past years’ 60 minutes) to begin and complete a work of art.  After “time out”, and a few minutes for framing and clean-up, the works were auctioned for charity before a lively crowd.  Additionally, the selected “poster artist” for this year’s Festival, Joe Velasquez, saw his original work auctioned, and it was sold for $23,000.  Works by the Quick Draw participants auctioned for amounts between $500 and $6,000 each.

The Festival includes the Western Design Conference and exhibits, a “Palettes and Palates” art show (and feast) around the Town Square, a Wednesday night Art Walk visiting local galleries where many of their artists were present and fine noshes prepared by local restaurants were served, a massive Jackson Hole Art Auction of outstanding works by renowned artists living and dead, tours of working ranches and Grand Teton National Park, a “Miniatures and More” event at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and on and on!  

Mid-September in Jackson Hole presents a phenomenal Arts Festival!  If you plan on attending next year, be aware that advance in-Town hotel/motel pre-bookings for the closing weekend were 96% of capacity!  The local Farmer’s Market co-existed on the streets around the Square that Saturday morning, and the famous LOTOJAH (Logan To Jackson Hole) bicycle road race also occured then.  Exciting times! 

We know a few of the Quick Draw artists personally, enjoy their gallery exhibitions, and especially enjoy the chance to see them create one of their outstanding works of art from scratch to completion at the event. 

Sarah Webber: "Hermione" Sketch: ShootOut'10 (c)2010 Randy D. Bosch

Sarah Webber: "Hermione" Sketch: ShootOut'10 (c)2010 Randy D. Bosch

Among the participants this year were Sarah Webber (1st Quick Draw, and a great job!), Jim Wilcox, Bill Sawczuk, John Potter, Jared Sanders, Linda Tuma Robertson, Jeff Ham, Chad Poppleton, Chris Navarro, Gerald Balclar, Lyn St. Clair, Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey, Amy Ringholz, Amy Poor, Jeff Poor, Julie Chapman, Aaron Yount, Jennifer Hoffman, Kathryn Mapes Turner, R. C. Jones, Tom Masanarez,  and a bunch more! 

Many communities across the nation host similar Festivals at various times of the year.  I encourage you to check your local “community calendar” and regional publications for times, locations, and events.  Pick one to visit, enjoy, be enlightened in an artistic sense, immerse yourself a bit in the host community, and even find a way that appeals to you to

Get involved in Art!


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