A Big Wave with Cheese, Please

The title above is not requesting a really grand “glad to see you” greeting, although those are always welcome.  Rather, it welcomes the physical reality of a truly Renaissance subject (in America, at least),


We have all been constantly bombarded with “helpful” messages about how unhealthy hamburgers are for you, how to help Reform your life by resisting their temptation (who finances that campaign, anyway – the tofu people?  There are tofu burgers, after all.  If such is a part of your personal Renaissance, go for it!).  The anti-hamburger judgment depends upon a lot of variables – ingredients, preparation, personal metabolism and genetics, sanitation, quantity and rate of consumption, and so forth.  With the popularity of “veggi-burgers”, “turkey-burgers” and the like (calamari burgers may be going too far…), as well as complete freedom regarding personal selection of cooking style, condiments and bread or lack thereof, a few of the probable hamburger “warning lights” can be easily mitigated with a little diligence.

For many, there is nothing comparable to a really great hamburger!

Without any intent to disparage the multitude of fantastic hamburger preparers – whether they are working their incredible labors of love in a hamburger boutique (from 1 location like “Tommy’s” in Jackson Wyoming to, say, “In-N-Out” scale) or slaving away in a multi-facility assembly line environment ( a few of which people may claim I have known, but I might “Plead the Fifth”) – ONE of my personal choices for the best “restaurant” hamburger is the Islands

“Big Wave with Cheese”

For some, the first question may be “What is an ‘Islands’?”.  Begin your research by reviewing their website at https://www.islandsrestaurants.com/.  They have been “Grillin and chillin since ’82”, and now have restaurants in Hawaii(1), California (57), Nevada (1), Arizona(4) and Colorado(1 -Boulder, of course). 

Fun places with good service, great servers, many other menu choices (I’m usually accompanied on my visits by at least one great fish tacos or “North Shore” fan!), and a “summer ale” especially brewed for Islands.  Their fries are also outstanding, and close to the only restaurant fries I will consume these days!  That is part of my personal health Reformation!

Great, only 500 miles to the closest one for me.  Fortunately, visits to many dear relatives, friends and other favorite places in the Western USA coincidentally usually also take us right past an Islands for a commemorative Big Wave with Cheese inoculation about four times a year.

As an added good fortune, as per my previous post, there are also Trader Joe’s Markets in reasonable proximity to many of the Islands locations (sorry, Boulder and Honolulu – that puts you down the list a bit).  Some of my relatives, friends and favorite places wisely located themselves near an Islands, too!

Hey, Islands, just for you, from far, far away, here’s a fond

Big Wave with Cheese!


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  1. Randy…I’ve not had a calamari burger but on Monhegan Island I did have a scallop taco and a shrimp burger! The taco came with row of scallops beneath which was a bit of cole slaw with a unique dressing including cumin, nutmeg and I think, cinnamon. The guy cooking said he’d learned the method from a guy who made seal tacos….

    The shrimp burger was forgettable.

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