Crafting Places – Introducing a New Series

Preface to the Series, “Crafting Places”

by Randy D. Bosch ©2010 

Crafting "Place" Over Millenia: Assisi Piazza Grande (c)2007 Randy D. Bosch

Crafting "Place" Over Millenia: Assisi Piazza Grande (c)2007 Randy D. Bosch

There really is “nothing new under the sun” except for changes in technology and the accumulated impacts of human activity – but they also inevitably follow human nature and its constructs!  As part of that truth and historical aggregation of human activity, The City, a human construct, is continually re-imagined, re-invented, re-quoted and re-purposed from its past manifestations. 

Basic principles of city design and building design recur century after century in widely disparate cultures because the basic needs, desires and aspirations of the preponderance of human societies are at core the same, differing due to context.  There remains an incredible amount of “City Craft” that must constantly be relearned, and errors unlearned by current cultures and generations. 

With basic principles tried and true, and the results of their application or misapplication available for study and living, proper application of principles within context and hopefully improved comprehension of what works and what does not measure up is clearly possible.  Enlightened application often occurs, and encourages a continuing discipline of practice that will continue until the end of history.

This series of articles will eventually be assembled as an “e-booklet” for ease of access and reference, to also be revisited, massaged, corrected, informed by others, corrected, used in practice and corrected as time passes!  As the series develops, citations for quotations and referenced works by others will be updated to append to the overall work and to be added to the Bibliography page of “RenaissanceRules”.

You are welcome to read, comment, graciously disagree, offer tangents and connections to work that builds on these concepts, identify the need to clarify or provide corrections when better information exists, and to help continue the practice of the better principles as our societies continue to “Craft Places”, not “facilities” or “developments”.

As many readers have their foundational education and life skills in pursuits other than Architecture and City Planning, they will find so many concepts, principles and practice skills have remarkable parallels within their own disciplines!  Of course!  That connectivity is a key component in humanity, and in its formation and sustainability of society!

A portion of the “Introduction” was previously posted online on “RenaissanceRules” on May 30, 2010, under the title, “Urban Open Space in the Post-Industrial American City”, at , in a slightly different form.    Excerpts from a few other previous writings and talks have also been determined to be worthy of further illumination and therefore have also been incorporated in this updated work.  Inclusion here serves to reintroduce the subject and lead to the expanded exposition that follows in subsequent posts.

The next post in this series will introduce the concept of “Community and Space”.  I hope that you will watch for it and follow along as “Crafting Place” is explored from one viewpoint. 

Thank you.  And, together, let us…

Craft Places, not “facilities” or “developments” !


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