Venice – The Intentional City

Introduction to the Series

“Venice – The Intentional City” will be a continuing series of articles that explore the “intention design” roots, history and continuing development of La Serenissima, Venice, Italy. 

San Giorgio from Piazetta San Marco  (c)2009 Randy D. Bosch

San Giorgio from Piazzetta San Marco (c)2009 Randy D. Bosch

This is not a “pre-developed” treatise, with morsels or crumbs grudgingly doled out from time to time.  The route through the series will most certainly be as circuitous as many of our pedestrian wanderings in Venice itself, heading off in one direction or another to see what we can find along the way, sometimes following one trail of historic crumbs or another. 

We hope to learn of Venice from both historians and pundits, consult actual and self-appointed experts of all types, make both marvelous and banal discoveries, ponder perplexing riddles, sometimes overlook the obvious, encounter many mis-directions like the many dead-end Ramo, and generally hope to learn from those who have wandered before, studied, lived in or caused what we find “on the ground” today.  Remember, “Hope is the assurance of the existence of things as yet unseen”! 

Sometimes, you will recognize that you have the secret to someone else’s mystery, or a correction to a cultural giant’s “true tale of the legendary past” that you have already found or will soon encounter along the way.  You will undoubtedly discover fine specimens to add to the artifacts of the City that are being encountered and collected, some already resting unrecognized in your personal Venetian treasure-trove. 

We may even encounter each other along the way!

Please enjoy the journey, and report back from time-to-time to share what you find!  

Buon Viaggio!


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