Smoke and Mirrors

Following up on the previous post in this series, “Legendary Tales of the True Past” (you can catch it at ), this post touches a toe into the murky pond of “spin”, as the political commentators call the most innocent form of clouding truth and elevating fiction,
Smoke and Mirrors
They Know What You Mean – And You Don’t
Today’s insightful “progressive thinkers” now deign to tell us, with a straight face and straight in the eyes delivery, what still-living people really felt, thought, said and meant in clear opposition to the words they wrote, videos and voice recordings of their actions and speeches — and insist on our acceptance of that “spin” even in the face of the protestations and demonstrations of proof by the victims! 
Mere arrogance, patronization and condescension are old hat, out of vogue!
The “new improved” approaches – historical fiction, hyper-modern retranslation and analytical reappraisal, higher critical analysis, and the popular instant psychoanalysis have replaced those old insults to intellect to the extent that, if you disagree with a viewpoint or contest faulty or incomplete or concealed evidence and processes, you must be demonized, subject to ridicule, loss of livelihood, attacks on family and pedigree, recommended for analysis and re-education until you come around.
“New and Improved” Failure
There are many people with sound advice on how to face setbacks, address errors, judge experimental results, course correct, evaluate options, make value-based decisions.  They teach a clear understanding that processes are iterative and often repetitive courses require “tacking” to get to the destination.  The best assist with how to address the age-old process of life every day. 
The problem resurfaced in recent years when a new crop of gurus emereged to redefine virtually any  process as one of wonderful constantly repetitious “failure”, and have now become a “critical mass” of advise-givers and consultants.  They wordsmith out the meaning of events and results that millenia of human experience have known to more often than not provide satisfactory, good or great results.  You are encouraged to pay to learn how to fail better and more often.  The new experts are telling us that we are failing at failure!  Of course, the failure called “disagreeing with them” is irredeemable!
The meaning of real “failure” and how to prevent, mitigate or recover from bad decisions, results and experiences is watered down and the skill to respond well is soon lost.  Can we soon expect product advertisements to highlight their shortcomings and increase sales by making us feel good about them?  I can see it now,
“Our soup tastes like swill!  We failed again!  Celebrate it! Buy more!”  
Don’t deny the “fact”, we are told, that “you must fail to succeed – and celebrate it – then bleach, rinse, spin and repeat until we let you know that you failed correctly so that you can do it again”.   define the path to recovery as “fail again, and fail quickly before you get out of the habit”.  Today, we are even told to double down and celebrate our confusion about their misdirection to us! 
 The enthusiasm with which this “new thing” is being embraced gives hope for a lot of new product ideas!  “Congratulations on your failure” cards, “Celebrate Failure” posters, “Failure of the Year” awards shows (they used to be the “Bloopers” shows)…the list is endless!
One American college is reported to now have a required course in Failure.  Students who fail at the most coursework assignments receive a higher grade.  I can foresee a new Major being established soon.
Are You a “Broken Egg”?
“New Humanism”, since the “New Enlightenment” (both remarkable salesmanship terms for systems that have actually failed and failed again!) has striven for self-obtain human perfection.  That has not worked too well so far, so their terms have been redefined so that “failure” is a step on the road to self-perfection! 
If you do not agree, if you step off their path to enlightenment, if you do not recant and acquiesce to earn your way back into the bleating herd?  Well, study a little 19th and 20th Century history and you will learn that “New Humanism” and “New Enlightenment” progressive leaders have made clear for several centuries that they have no compunction about “breaking a few eggs” to make their “new and improved” omelet of humanity. 
In fact, there are those from political, cultural, economic, environmental and religious viewpoints at extreme opposites of the spectrum – and not on the fringes of society – who are more than eager.

"Behind the Curtain?  Trust Us!"  (c)2006 Randy D. Bosch
“Behind the Curtain? Trust Us!” (c)2006 Randy D. Bosch

 “Don’t look behind the curtain, just trust us… 

…or else.”


What to Do?
The next post addressing this subject will look at how to respond to these challenges, with an example of the outcome of  several “just let it go” approaches, an approach to redressing the problem, to tear away the curtains hiding the truth, and a recognition of the intermingling of… 

Cynicism versus Reality





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