Coffee and Clay

Artist David Lockie is the creative designer and co-owner with his wonderful wife Jennie of Mountain Arts Pottery, outside of Bozeman, Montana.  The pottery works and display room are “disguised” as the “Coffee Pot” Cafe – with wonderful coffee and pastries well worth the visit!

Mtn. Arts Pottery (c)David Lockie

Mtn. Arts Pottery (c)David Lockie

If you are interested in very fine handmade pottery, and in the inspiring story behind the Lockie’s transition from construction work in a bitter recession into excellence in a creative art with clay, pigment and glaze, take a look at their web-site, . 

The Coffee Pot and Mountain Arts Pottery are located at 80795 Gallatin Road, Bozeman, MT 59718, telephone 1-888-600-8230.  The location is actually between Four Corners and Gallatin Gateway on U.S. Highway 191, near Bozeman Hot Springs, for those familiar with the area.

A  further journey south past Gallatin Gateway leads up the beautiful Gallatin River from Bozeman and Belgrave (the airport!), past the  side road to the sprawling Big Sky ski resort, through the incredible western edge of Yellowstone National Park and into West Yellowstone with its entrance into the National Park.

Along the way, roll out of traffic and into the Lockie’s place, and find out how…

Coffee and Clay DOES make sense, after all! 


(Per the notice on the “About” page, we receive no compensation or gratuity for encouraging you to look at their products — except for the lattes with which Jennie graced us in honor of our Anniversary on a cold Fall day as we passed through to pick up a few missing pieces and some seredipitous discoveries for our place settings!  Don’t count on similar largess!)


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