Vivaldi – A Contemporary Renewal

Famed Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s most renowned work, The Four Seasons, is included as opus 8 in the set of twelve concertos called

“Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’invenzione”

(Perhaps, “The fusion of harmony and invention”, for most of us!)

Our dear music advisor in Venice, Igor Madeyski, an outstanding musician himself, has been thoughtful enough to share how a new understanding of Vivaldi’s music occurred in the context of a kind of rediscovery in the 20th-Century.  Recognition and gratitude for that rediscovery is due to activity and efforts in philological research invested in by a series of musicologists primarily headed by Gian Francesco Malipiero.  In the late 1940’s, Malipiero was the first to conduct the complete works composed by Vivaldi.
Vivaldi (c)2010 Interpreti Veneziani

Vivaldi (c)2010 Interpreti Veneziani

Igor Madeyski shared with me links to recordings of the Four Seasons that he considers indispensable as a reference for the understanding of Vivaldi’s work for any music lover. 
Each one demonstrates different peculiarities of the work in terms of reading, instruments and pitch. 
Here are links to vendors of the recordings, so graciously recommended by Igor:



(When not performing, Sr. Madeyski can often be found warmly enhancing the gracious hospitality of Locanda Orseolo and Hotel Al Ponte Antico in Venice with the Peruch family –  or



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