ILLUMInations – Venice Biennale Arte 2011

The 54th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia will take place from June 4th to November 27th this year.   

 International Modern Art has been displayed in Venice for 108 years! 

Biennale Venue on the Zattere (c)2011 Randy D. Bosch

Biennale Venue on the Zattere (c)2011 Randy D. Bosch

Although the primary venues will be the multitude of national pavilions in the Giardini Publicca and the creation of “para-pavilions” by artists working in the historic Arsenale galleries, both in Sestiere Castello, other exhibitions and programs will occur at several dozen sites around the City of Venice.  Some will be in deconsecrated churches, some in palazzi seldom open to the public, some in university buildings or in public spaces.

On the Guggenheim Terrazza - Venezia   (c)2011 Randy D. Bosch

On the Guggenheim Terrazza - Venezia (c)2011 Randy D. Bosch

    The Biennale places contemporary – today’s contemporary, not 2010’s old contemporary – modern art from around the world on display in a City famous for showcasing 20th Century modern art in some of the most prestigious museums for that genre in the world, amidst the incredible art and architecture of this most historic city. 

Paradoxes abound!

The Director of Visual Arts and curator of the art exhibition this year is Bice Curiger.  She is the curator of the Zurich Kunsthaus, author, critic and co-founder of Parkett, the long-running contemporary arts magazine.

Ms. Curiger has selected ILLUMInazioni (ILLUMI-nations) as the title of this year’s exhibition, “to draw attention to the importance of…current developments in international a globalized world.”  Thus, Illumination, nations and dissemination. 

The work of Tintoretto as the cutting edge, illuminating departure from then-traditional representational art of the Renaissance is intended to be used as a foil for comparison with contemporary manifestations in art.  Tintoretto’s work is gloriously displayed across the length and breadth of Venice in churches and scuola.   Effective consideration of the contrasts and similarities to this year’s selection of contemporary art is thus uniquely and remarkably possible, allowing personal observation and critique of the originals of each age despite centuries of separation. 

Further setting for the rationale for the title and the program for the exhibition, Ms. Curiger has stated,
“The term ‘nations’ in ILLUMInations applies metaphorically to recent developments in the arts all over the world, where overlapping groups form collectives of people representing a wide variety of smaller, more local activities and mentalities”. 
As always selection of specific artists of interest to the Director, in concert with the interests of the governing committee and the organizing committees of the involved nations as they identify their own contemporary artists of current renown, will be of great interest!
“Stay tuned” to the La Biennale di Venezia site at during the Winter and Spring to find out a bit more about the “who, what, why, where and when” of the Exhibition as it buds and blossoms through the Spring. 
Then, if you are in Venice anytime from early June to mid-November this year, partaking of some of the scattered exhibition venues provides an easy exposure to rather extraordinary, cutting edge and beyond, contemporary art – like it or not!   If you see us there, don’t be shy, say hello…
…it will probably be time for a spritz, anyway!
Determining how the concept of linkage with Tintoretto’s works will take a bit of hiking around the City – perhaps starting with that trek first to more readily recall them – as preparation for the profound
“shock of the new”
The extraordinary accumulation of national pavilion exhibitions in the Giardini and the usually more innovative, thematically interrelated original works installed (and sometimes created in situ) in the Arsenale are immense, and can take several days to ingest.  Entry tickets allow a visit to the two almost adjacent but separate areas on different days.
We have enjoyed several Biennale architectural exhibitions and art exhibitions over the years (there are parallel exhibitions for dance, cinema, music and theater) and recommend at least putting your toe into the pond of the Director’s agenda and how artists impose their own because of — or often despite that agenda…
As an artist must do!

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