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Grub – That’s Western American vernacular for “food”!

I just completed my annual review of collected periodicals for items worth archiving, and Arizona Highways magazine, as always, provided a file’s worth.

"Montezuma's Castle" Cliff Dwelling near Sedona & Cottonwood Arizona  (c)2011 Randy D. Bosch

"Montezuma's Castle" Cliff Dwelling near Sedona & Cottonwood Arizona (c)2011 Randy D. Bosch

The Arizona Highways 2010 “Best Places to Eat” in Arizona compendium included their “top restaurants” choices for the past several years.  

I chose the following restaurants from their lists because they are in places we are most likely to be visiting, and have yet to try ANY of them!  They are not listed in any order whatsoever!  So, if you have been to any of them, or go in the near future…


Please Comment and let me know what you thought!

  • MartAnne’s: Mexican Cuisine in Flagstaff, 10 N. San Francisco – “very popular”
  • Cuvee 928: Flagstaff, 6 E. Aspen (downtown)
  • Elote Cafe: Sedona, in the Kings Ransom Hotel on Highway 179
  • Fiesta Mexicana Family: Page (near Lake Powell), 125 S. Lake Powell Blvd
  • Firehouse Kitchen: Prescott, 218 W. Goodwin Street
  • Josephine’s: Flagstaff, 503 N. Humphreys
  • Rancho Pinot: Scottsdale, 6308 N. Scottsdale Blvd.
  • The Asylum: Jerome, 200 Hill Street (Isn’t every street in Jerome a “hill street”?)
  • Fournos: Sedona, 3000 W. Highway 89A.  Greek/French cuisine!
  • Bin 239: Prescott, 239 N. Marina
  • Binkby’s: Cave Creek, at 6920 E. Cave Creek Road
  • Brix: Flagstaff, 413 N. San Francisco Street
  • Flatiron Cafe: Jerome, 416 Main Street
  • Pinon Bistro: Cottonwood, 1075 S. Highway 260, near the “Y”
  • The Dam Bar & Grille: Page, 644 N. Navaho
  • Manzanita Restaurant: Cornville, 11425 E. Cornville Road.  German cuisine!
  • New Jersey Pizza Company: Flagstaff, 2224 E. Cedar
  • Pangaea Bakery: Prescott, 220 W. Goodwin
  • Raven Cafe: Prescott, 142 N. Cortez
  • Tinderbox Kitchen: Flagstaff, 34 S. San Francisco Street.  “Contemporary”.

    Enjoy…and Report Back!

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