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The Stars of Venice

Anyone who has been to Venice or has merely studied photographs of St. Mark’s Basilica will undoubtedly have noticed the unusual “decorations” topping the stacked domes of the iconic church.  These crystal-like three-dimensional constructions are called   Star Polyhedra.  Tibor … Continue reading


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The Scuole of Venice

Venice is famous for its Scuole, the “homes” of not-for-profit confraternities (guilds) that existed to support schools, hospitals, orphanages, poorhouses, and the like.  They were primarily founded by specific trades or professions.  Often, they closely co-located with a church, and … Continue reading

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Campo San Zaccaria

Extraordinary Places Deserve Extraordinary Journeys There are two main ways to move from Piazza San Marco to Campo San Zaccaria, each very deserving of a journey in both directions! Plan “A” From Piazza San Marco, walk around the left side of the Basilica, past … Continue reading

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Venice – The Erberia

Alongside the sweeping curve of the Grand Canal just north of the Ponte Rialto, separated from the bedlam of the Ruga Degli Oresi tourist shops by the Banco Giro building and Chiesa San Giacomo di Rialto, the ERBARIA is a quiet oasis for … Continue reading

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Delegation – A Covenant of Trust

Proper, responsible and accountable delegation is a form of contract between a client and the team or individual commissioned or assigned to complete a task or project.  A “client” may be an outside entity, a collaborator, a team, a co-worker or a supervisor.  The most … Continue reading

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