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“Tough Art” for Society’s Collective Memory

“Old News” (“Starie Novosti”) is a collateral event of the 2011 Venice Biennale, the International Exposition of Art, created and installed by artist Anastasia Khoroshilova, sponsored by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, exhibited from June through November, 2011. The installation was … Continue reading


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Something to See Here, Don’t Move Along

Back, side or rear, down below or up above — these are as essential to any physical ensemble as the “front and center” components.  So is the entourage of less obvious wonders and treasures appended to and around them.  Too many people see the facade, nave and main … Continue reading

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“Any-Medium-Whatever” – Art of the Human Condition

Artist Tamara Kvesitadze represented the Republic of Georgia at the 54th International Exposition of Art in Venice, Italy (The Biennale) this summer. Trained as an architect yet concentrating primarily on sculptures that use intricate mechanical workings to articulate pliable surfaces, … Continue reading

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Pierre Case and the Mystery of the Sotoportego

Artist Pierre Case lives and creates in the Canton of Ticino in southernmost Switzerland, the sole Italian-speaking Canton of that Confederation. In addition to achieving great renown for his innovative art during his 67 years, he served community and nation with distinction in many roles and … Continue reading

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