Venice Impressions

A few, incomplete, unranked, unordered impressions that I noted in my Moleskine journal when leaving Venice in early October, 2011, a task like attempting to sketch falling leaves in Autumn.  Ah, the delight of the work their consideration portends!

I would love for you to share yours in return!

  1. The contrast between the unurbanized velme and barene and the islands of humanity in the vast Lagoon.
  2. The difficulty in grasping images and the lure of fleeting vistas, while traversing the narrow, focused calli.
  3. So many striking skyline landmarks glimpsed through the stone forest of buildings.
  4. The starkness of campi when not brought to life by cafes, kiosks, markets, and people gathered for food, conversation and play.
  5. The unreal peacefulness of the gardens, and the stunning size of older trees.
  6. The late hour at which the City awakens.
  7. The mysteries of so many untraditional building orientations.
  8. The Rii Terra obscuring centuries of urban pattern.
  9. The transiency and flexibility of occupancy in buildings sacred and secular, public and private.
  10. The immense scale and impact of historical religious communities – chiesi, monastari and monachi.
  11. The number and richness of private courts and cloisters.
  12. Meaning and grace in the 3-dimensionality of movement – over bridges, into and out of rii and canali, and through campi.
  13. The vertical and horizontal modulation of spaces.
  14. Formalized casualness.
  15. Performance art, both ritualized and spontaneous.
  16. The warm, graceful inclusion and celebration of visitors guests who respect and share.
  17. Common courtesy in constrained circumstance and its corollary, the avarice of those who deny others’ personal space.
  18. Energy and urgency without haste or distress.
  19. The hubristic incompetence of the naive or intentionally unprepared.
  20. Being a flaneur* in Venice is hard work…

“Venice is Not for the Lazy!”

Caution! - Flaneur at Work - Venice     (c)2012 Randy D. Bosch

Caution! - Flaneur at Work - Venice (c)2012 Randy D. Bosch

* flaneur:    One in a process of navigating erudition (Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “why I walk” in the The Black Swan – see Bibliography page).  “A person who walks the city in order to experience it.” – Charles Baudelair.  Combine those with “A person with a complete philosophical way of living and thinking”, and you might have it!

 Now go and do!



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  1. Yvonne says:

    Leave me alone. I just want to be a flaneur!

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