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“City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas” by Roger Crowley – Book Review

Roger Crowley’s new book, “City of Fortune – How Venice Ruled the Seas” (Random House, New York, 2011, 432pp.),  is a stunning narrative history of Venice’s Empire, the Stato da Mar, Territory of the Sea. His history of this incredible place looks … Continue reading

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Venice Churches – The First 250 Years

The number, location and names of parish churches in Venice has varied over the millennia, along with reassignment of some former parishes as subsidiary locations and some monastery closings leaving a parish church in later times. Churches were also established in other island communities around … Continue reading

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Marshall Noice, Artist of Shadows and Light

Walking into Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming to view Marshall Noice’s one-man show, “Shadows and Light” a few months ago, our first impression was, Wow!  The Color! Marshall Noice’s paintings reflect a unique contemporary vision of the Rocky Mountain … Continue reading

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Burano – Piazza Galuppi – A Day to “Go Fish”

Burano The small island community of Burano lies fifteen minutes north of Murano and the transfer point for the lonely vaporetto to Torcello.  From the Fondamenta Nove on the north shore of Venice, the one-way trip can take about forty-five minutes, and is worth every minute … Continue reading

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Gary Ernest Smith – Artist of Two Landscapes

We were privileged to view the extraordinary work of artist Gary Ernest Smith and converse with him at length at his “one man show” at Trailside Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming a few months ago. We spent considerable time observing the great collection of … Continue reading

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“Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield – Book Review

“DO THE WORK!: Overcome Resistance and get out of your own way”, by Steven Pressfield (The Domino Project, Do You Zoom, Inc., New York, 2011, 98 pages, price?: cheap!) follows his wonderful book “The War of Art” by a few … Continue reading

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Castello di Vertine in Chianti – Tuscany

Chianti, the legendary domain in the heart of Tuscany between Firenze and Siena, spanning provincial borders and several millennia.  The heart of Chianti enfolds many extraordinary, peaceful towns, country monasteries, castles, villas and vineyards, and the ruins of a thousand years of war.  … Continue reading

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Castello di Gargonza – Tuscany

Castello di Gargonza rests steadfastly at the end of a small “white road”, Strada Communale di Gargonza, a narrow branch off of the serpentine Strada Statale Senese Aretina (S73) in the woods of the southern Chianti Mountains in Tuscany.  Not far west of stunning Monte San Sevino towering … Continue reading

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