Marshall Noice, Artist of Shadows and Light

"Shadows and Light" - Marshall Noice at Altamira Fine Art, 2011

"Shadows and Light" 2011 (c)Marshall Noice at Altamira Fine Art

Walking into Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming to view Marshall Noice’s one-man show,

“Shadows and Light”

a few months ago, our first impression was,

Wow!  The Color!

Marshall Noice’s paintings reflect a unique contemporary vision of the Rocky Mountain West.  His works transmit scenes of beauty and remembrance, with a palette primarily of the colors found in autumn mountain scenes, when aspen, cottonwoods, maples and willow create a season as colorful as the Spring wildflower bloom with a kind of Autumn Bloom of changing leaves, grasses and color-shifting branches.

We had seen his work before, at Altamira and elsewhere, but not to that extent of number, size and sheer wall area.  During a long evening chat with the very hospitable artist, he voiced his balanced approach between color and composition, combining dissonant and complimentary colors to achieve  “analogous color harmony”, vital in art that draws upon your memories of those Northern Rockies places that are powerful and sublime at the same instant.

For a detailed exposition on his work and artistic philosophy, the article “Technicolor West” by Devon Jackson in the June, 2008 issue of Southwest Art magazine devoted to Plein-Air painting is a worthwhile “find and read”.

Marshall’s gallery in Kalispell, Montana, Noice Studio & Gallery – Fine Art of the New West, hosts a website that also provides even more insights into his inspiring work (Link: ).

Marshall Noice’s next exhibition is again at Altamira Fine Art in Jackson Hole, at the Second Annual “Art of Conservation” Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 from 5 to 7 p.m. Altamira Fine Art.  That is a fund-raising event for the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, so contact the Alliance via their website at to obtain costs and reservation information before you consider attending.

Marshall Noice, Artist of Shadow and Light (c)2011

Marshall Noice, Artist of Shadow and Light (c)2011

His development as a painter through a variety of artistic careers over his life and his roots in Kalispell equipped Marshall with a work ethic and the artistic eye that he shares with those who enjoy his work today.

As he said in preparation for another exhibition in Park City,

“I don’t believe I could have created the art if I had not first lived the life”. ..

“The West  — her people and her places  —  are my muse.”

We found that Marshall also has a great sense of humor, perhaps formed to a degree by surviving his early career as a drummer in a touring rock and roll band — a different form of “shadows and light”!  Yet, I may come to regret that he will remember me as Hieronymous Bosch, artist of non-nuanced, definitely not sublime nightmares and visions!

I Prefer “Shadows and Light”!


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