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From a professional background in architecture, community and regional planning, urban design, leadership, and fine arts, this blog provides insights on ethics, leadership, architecture/planning/urban design, Venice, and whatever intrigues me at the time. Enjoy!

Solitude and Solace

A few thoughts stimulated by sleep deprivation on an “overnight” Trans-Atlantic flight. In A Room of One’s Own, author Virginia Woolf referred to personal time as “solitude“. Gretel Erlich’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Solace of Open Spaces, addresses the impact … Continue reading


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Venice – My Favorite Bridge

Which ponte is my favorite bridge in Venice?  The easy answer, of course, is “The one I can see from the one I am standing upon” (not blocking traffic, of course) at any given time, day or night.  In reality … Continue reading

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Brodsky’s Love Affair with Venice

Brodsky’s Love Affair with Venice Joseph Brodsky, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Poetry, was interviewed in New York in December 1979 by Sven Birkirts.  Paris Review published the interview as “Joseph Brodsky, The Art of Poetry No. 28”.  In … Continue reading

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Venice Quilt

The Venice Quilt.  There is a pattern to this Quilt, assembled and nurtured for over 1500 years.  Most observers wonder if there is a pattern, how it can be seen, traced, and comfortably used. The Venice pattern was formed through the creative absorption and transformation of classical values, … Continue reading

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Venice Paths

“Andare per le podere” means “reaching hidden areas by following secret paths, thus heightening the visitor’s sense of discovery and expectation”, according to Jacopo Fasolo in “Another Venice”.  This rings true for me whether that secret path is long known … Continue reading

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The Abbey of Santa Maria de Pomposa Rising out of the vast flat agricultural fields and wetlands of the very large and ever-changing Po River delta, equidistant from Ravenna, Chioggia and Ferrara, yet only about six miles from the Mare Adriatico, the Abbazia … Continue reading

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Tuscany Hill Towns: Monte San Savino

The Medieval hill town of Monte San Savino in Tuscany is due east of Siena, located on a commanding hilltop rising above the Valdichiana (Chiana River Valley), about 2 kilometers west of the A1 tollroad.  The ancient core of the town is crowded within … Continue reading

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Robert Burt, Artist of Mystery, Adventure and Joy

The subjects of Robert Burt’s paintings are almost entirely found through his experiences in the Desert Southwest of the United States and northern Mexico.  Although I had become aware of his art over the course of the past several years through gallery event … Continue reading

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“Dream of Venice” – A Book Review

Dream of Venice, photography by Charles Christopher, edited by Joann Locktov, forward by Frances Mayes, with 37 contributors.  Bella Figura Publications, 2014. “Venice is a state of mind” wrote Frances Mayes in her stunning Foreward to this exquisite book … Continue reading

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Venice Pavilion at the Biennale 2014 – Sonnets in Babylon by Daniel Libeskind

Venice has its own permanent pavilion at the Biennale, adjacent to those of many nations.  This is not only appropriate because the Biennale is in Venice, but because Venice was an independent nation-state for over 1000 years – until Napoleon … Continue reading

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