Wine and Food

From time to time, we at RenaissanceRules publish articles reviewing Wine and Food  ALWAYS based upon our personal sacrifices on behalf of our dear readers, visiting the reviewed wineries to taste their wines in situ, and actually dining in the reviewed restaurants.

Mate Vineyard - Montalcino  (c)2009 Randy D. Bosch

Mate Vineyard - Montalcino (c)2009 Randy D. Bosch

All reviews solely express the personal opinion of the author, and no gratuities or compensation of any form has been received from any establishment named in any of these reviews.

After reading a review of their facility, wares or service, a few establishments may desire to have me barred at the door or throw me out if I reappear on their premises.  That is their right!

If they inform me of their ban by verifiable comment or personal contact, I will determine that my mere, humble opinion is — fact!  If they suggest that a new visit might change my opinion (everyone has a bad day, everyone has different tastes, and your mileage may vary!), their openness and hospitality will be appreciated and respected, and I will consider another visit, if possible.  “Laying in wait” gives them another problem!


“Coming Soon”…Reviews featuring personal experience at, among others:

  • Volpaia (Castello de Volpaia – Chianti Classico +)
  • Ravenswood (Shenandoah Valley, Plymouth, California – Zinfandel +)
  • Karly (Shenandoah Valley, Plymouth, California – Zinfandel +)
  • Verrazzano (Greve, Chianti, Tuscany – Chianti Classico +)
  • Banfi (Pozzo de la Mura, Montalcino, Tuscany +)


Coming soon…Reviews featuring personal experience dining at:


  • d’Alberto (Near Zanzipolo, Cannaregio)
  • Barababao (“Boogieman”)  (Campo S.G.Grisostomo, Cannaregio)
  • Antico Dolo (Rialto, San Polo)
  • Taverna San Trovaso & Ristorante San Trovaso (Dorsoduro)
  • Aqua Pazza (Campo San Anzolo, San Marco)
  • Anima Bella (Near San Lio, San Marco)
  • Paolo’s (Campo d’Arsenale, Castello)
  • Raphaelo (Via B.Galuppi, Burano)
  • Buca della Torre (Le Le’s) (Campo San Stefano, Murano)
  • Osterie Da Fiore (Calle della Botteghe, San Marco)
  • A l’Madonna (Rialto, San Polo)
  • Beffacio (Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco)
  • Diana (Fondamente Misericordia, Cannaregio)
  • Marco Polo (near San Lio, San Marco)
  • Hard Rock Cafe (yes, I know…) – Venice (Bacino Orseolo, San Marco)

Castello de Volpaia

  • Bar Ucchi
  • Osteria de Volpaia
  • La Bottega

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Dornan’s  (at Moose)
  • Nani’s       (in Town)
  • Blue Lion (in Town)
  • Calico       (on the Moose-Wilson Road)
  • Sweetwater Cafe

Bozeman, Montana

  • Catseye Cafe

Irvine, California

  • BJ’s Pizza
  • Taco Rosa

Cave Creek, Arizona

  • El Encanto (the Original!)

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