Renaissance Rules

Yes, I know what “they” say about “Rules”!  The default understanding is that someone talking about “rules” will be laying down the law, demanding, judging, imposing their standards on others.  We’re a lot different here, although we do seek positive methods of measurement in many fields of interest.

Let’s start with the definition of “Rule” we are using on “RenaissanceRules”.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary ((c)Merriam-Webster, Inc.)  provides several definitions for the word “rule”.  The definition applicable to Renaissance Rules and RandysRules usage (… as a rule…!) is their #2, often edging toward “heuristic”:

” 2.a (1): a usually valid generalization;  (2): a generally prevailing quality, state or mode – ‘fair weather was the rule yesterday’ – New York Times.

2.b : a standard of judgment: criterion

2.c : a regulating principle.”






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