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Pluralism vs. Relativism and Opportunism vs. Sacrifice

“Pluralism marks the moment in history when despair and private obsession replace culture.”             Leon Krier The other day on Facebook (December 16, 2010), Nassem Nicholas Taleb catalyzed a revealing and depressing discussion (as I am confident was his intent … Continue reading

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Breaking Barriers

Your role as a leader – a leader of yourself, family, business, community – in navigating to a sustainable future requires that you break barriers, not build them or be controlled by the barriers that are liabilities. NOT: “We’ve never done it … Continue reading

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Look Back to Learn, Not Blame

When something does not go “according to plan” or just flat goes awry, looking back is necessary in order to better learn how to look ahead.  Beneficial looking back is not done to “name names”, not to put on the “we … Continue reading

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