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Robert Burt, Artist of Mystery, Adventure and Joy

The subjects of Robert Burt’s paintings are almost entirely found through his experiences in the Desert Southwest of the United States and northern Mexico.  Although I had become aware of his art over the course of the past several years through gallery event … Continue reading

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GRAFTING ARCHITECTURE – CATALONIA AT VENICE A short review of the Catalonia exhibit at the 14th Architecture Biennale, Venice, 2014, by Randy Bosch. The Catalonia region of Spain, very recently near to a non-binding plebiscite regarding independence from Spain, sponsored … Continue reading

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Architecture Biennale – Venice 2014 – A Few Reflections

BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA 2014 The 14th MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DI ARCHITETTURA – VENICE A FEW REFLECTIONS FROM THE ENCOUNTER by Randy Bosch There is simply too much to cover – molto troppo!  In future posts, I will share impressions formed in many … Continue reading

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Venice Myths: Is There Only ONE (or TWO)(or THREE) “Canal”?

Articles and reviews continue to pop up in fairly high volume on the internet and in published materials stating that Venice has only one waterway actually named a “Canal” – or maybe two, or maybe three. The lack of originality in repeating … Continue reading

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Venice – Urban Palimpsest and Tomb of Memories

“Palimpsest” (“palinsesto” in Italian) has its origins in the Greek word for “scraped again”. The original reference may have been to layered manuscripts, where older text was no longer more valued by the holder than the underlaying and very rare … Continue reading

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Venice: Its Cemeteries

Why write about cemeteries?  In addition to being an historical, integral and necessary part of an island city that did not have adjacent land areas for that function, long “closed” cemeteries embedded in the urban fabric have left open spaces that give relief to the … Continue reading

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Venice 697-1797: A City, A Republic, An Empire – Book Review

Alvise Zorzi’s masterful tome, “Venice 697-1797: A City, A Republic, An Empire” recently fell into my grasp.  Birthday presents are nice!  (Woodstock: The Overlook Press: Peter Mayer Publishers, Woodstock, NY, 2001 revised English edition, 303pp.  Originally published in 1999, Milan). Birthday … Continue reading

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Venice – The Matrix Churches

How many church foundings were contained in visions received by Magnus, Bishop of Oderzo and Eraclea?  Many historians and commentators state “eight”; others “twelve”, or maybe “ten”.  What were their names and locations? There is no certain listing beyond eight churches, complete visions … Continue reading

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Marshall Noice, Artist of Shadows and Light

Walking into Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming to view Marshall Noice’s one-man show, “Shadows and Light” a few months ago, our first impression was, Wow!  The Color! Marshall Noice’s paintings reflect a unique contemporary vision of the Rocky Mountain … Continue reading

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Burano – Piazza Galuppi – A Day to “Go Fish”

Burano The small island community of Burano lies fifteen minutes north of Murano and the transfer point for the lonely vaporetto to Torcello.  From the Fondamenta Nove on the north shore of Venice, the one-way trip can take about forty-five minutes, and is worth every minute … Continue reading

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