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Venice: Its Cemeteries

Why write about cemeteries?  In addition to being an historical, integral and necessary part of an island city that did not have adjacent land areas for that function, long “closed” cemeteries embedded in the urban fabric have left open spaces that give relief to the … Continue reading

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Under The Dome of Heaven – Baptisteries

A few posts ago, I noted that Venice contains extremely few free-standing Baptisteries.  Santa Maria Assunta on Torcello had one outside the “front door” of the basilica, connected through the front portico to the cathedral, and built soon after 639 A.D.  It was destroyed long … Continue reading

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“They Call Me SIGNORE Imbecile”

Driving in an unfamiliar city, neighborhood or country can be a fascinating experience. Twenty-six years ago, we drove into Citta Centro d’Firenze in search of our lodging (Despite the name on the sign, it was certainly the “Pensione Bates” and I am positive that … Continue reading

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Living with David

Travel impressario Rick Steves has written an insightful article, “Living with David”, to propose “a helpful mindset when viewing art”.  The article is at http://www.ricksteves.com/blog/index.cfm?fuseaction=entry&entryID=472 (Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door blog). The approach is extremely helpful in any attempt to … Continue reading

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