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Sant’Antimo Abbey – Tuscany

The Abbey of Sant’Antimo is located in the quiet Val d’Starcia, a few kilometers north of the historic Orcia River and a few south of Montalcino, the popular Tuscan hilltown at the epicenter of Brunello viticulture.  The Abbey’s pastoral setting is overlooked by another small hilltop town, … Continue reading


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Vivaldi – A Contemporary Renewal

Famed Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s most renowned work, The Four Seasons, is included as opus 8 in the set of twelve concertos called “Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’invenzione” (Perhaps, “The fusion of harmony and invention”, for most of us!) Our dear music advisor in … Continue reading

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Spaces Between

On his “Box of Crayons” blog (http://www.boxofcrayons.biz/) post for May 10, 2010, Opening Up, Michael Bungay Stanier discussed part of how to “open up…and open up…and open up…”.  His post included advice to writers to write about what matters rather than what … Continue reading

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Music that Unites

Venice is famous for its many bridges.  One of its bridges is not well-known elsewhere, the use of music in La Serenissima to bring people together.  Through an on-line introduction to the Director by a friend of my wife from Oz (Australia), we … Continue reading

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Where Will the Music Take You?

A dear friend graced us with tickets to the Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra Concert last weekend.  The performance, “Classic Romance” was conducted by Mark Wigglesworth and featured Stephen Hough on the piano for the Brahms work as part of … Continue reading

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Bach and Sons – Musical Interlude

Friday night, we attended the Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra Concert, “Bach and Sons”.  The musical program was assembled by guest conductor Reinhard Goebel and featured the very talented Paolo Bordignon playing the double harpsichord with an orchestra of about 46 additional … Continue reading

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Vivaldi and Venice

Antonio Vivaldi, 1678-1741, prolific Venetian composer and extraordinary violinist, invested most of his career at the orphanage called Pio Ospedale della Pieta (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice.  Amongst his hundreds of concertos, forty operas and other works, he is … Continue reading

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