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Pluralism vs. Relativism and Opportunism vs. Sacrifice

“Pluralism marks the moment in history when despair and private obsession replace culture.”             Leon Krier The other day on Facebook (December 16, 2010), Nassem Nicholas Taleb catalyzed a revealing and depressing discussion (as I am confident was his intent … Continue reading

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Contextual Design within a Regional Vernacular

Capital High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico was designed by Ralph Johnson of Perkins & Will Architects.  The school celebrated its 20th Anniversary a little while ago, a good time to consider whether or not its design statement has stood the … Continue reading

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Breakthrough or Status Quo?

A Renaissance life, incorporating the best from the past, while reconciling with and resolving “wrong turns”, and continuously moving ahead with constructive creativity toward a worthy goal, usually requires a breakthrough of barriers that are stifling good potential in business, community or … Continue reading

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Modern Transformations

Randy D. Bosch  ©2010 The terms Renaissance Man and Renaissance Woman are most often used today to describe someone who has interests in, or may have even mastered, a broad range of subjects – a polymath.  In the historic Renaissance period, that description … Continue reading

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