From time to time, RenaissanceRules posts articles that are based upon the history, geomorphology, culture, architecture, planning, zeitgeist, music and the food (mangia!) of Venice, La Serenissima, always with personal observations based upon my “on the ground” and “in the Lagoon” experiences.  As you read them, you may expect to obtain some education, common and unique insights, and a lot of esoteric thoughts!

Posts are categorized under the headings The Intentional City, Music, Zeitgeist, Churches, Campi, Elements of the City, and Book Reviews.  Do not be surprised to find elements of any of these categories in any of the other posts, because,

The fabric and essence of Venice weave a complex tapestry.

Here is a guide.  As you would do in Venice, wander around to find new sights, insights and pleasures.  Enjoy!


A continuing series of articles that explore the “intentional design” roots, history and continuing development of La Serenissima.

  • The Intentional City              
  • “Moving to the East Side”     
  • Laissez Faire Sprawl or Planned Community?    
  • Knowledge Base for the “New City”
  • Meeting the Challenge of the Lagoon
  • Innovations Old and New               
  • Form, Function and Environment
  • Connecting the Dots                          
  • “Street” Names                                                        
  • Avenues of the Lagoon                   
  • Rivers into the Lagoon                                                                                                                  
  • Rialto – Location, Location, Location               
  • Islands by Any Other Name           
  • Bacon on Venice                                
  • Completing the City: Great Lessons from the Form of Venice
  • Venice- Bold Adaptations with Universal Application
  • The Gates of Altinum                       
  • Venice – Urban Palimpsest and Tomb of Memories
  • Venice’s Master Plan – 1557            


  • Vivaldi and Venice                               ( )
  • Music That Unites                                ( )



(In addition to the articles listed below, articles under Campi usually also address the church at a particular Campo)




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